“Motu, reef islets in Polynesia created by broken coral and sand surrounding an atoll.”

Like the oceanic islets that are formed from energetic current and disruptive event, MOTU VENTURES nourishes business ideas – making the tide rich with capital to flow back to investors.

––––––––––– what we do.

Investment Focus

We invest in seed-stage deep tech software companies across Europe.

Investment philosophy

We are active partners to all the companies we invest in at all times. We provide entrepreneurial guidance, a network of relationships, and coaching to our founders, leveraging our tech, operating and legal expertise to maximize chances of success in the critical early phases.


We are Berlin based experienced operators turned investors. Motu’s team of 2 partners is unique in its entrepreneurial heritage, technical expertise and experience in deal making.


We have decided to set up our next fund together with Earlybird, one of the most renowned and successful VC firms in Europe. We remain dedicated to our existing Motu Ventures portfolio companies and will support our founders as we did before. As of 10/10/2021, we have launched Earlybird UNI-X, a seed fund focusing on deep tech investments. Please visit us on our website earlybird.com.

––––––––––– who we are.

Philipp Semmer

General Partner

Philipp handles all business, legal and administrative affairs of the fund and is well-connected in the Berlin tech community.

Michael Schmitt

General Partner

Michael focuses on the technology.He has previously worked for Google as Engineering Director.

––––––––––– our active portfolio.

category leader for online polls

digital learning platform for employees

accounts receivable management for enterprises

infrastructure analysis with satellite data

AI based cancer diagnostics

remote physical therapy

blockchain based trading platform

climate neutral buildings

digital IP protection on the blockchain

Virtual Reality entertainment platform